Daily Doses of Bach and Breathing Lower Blood Pressure
Spending just 30 minutes a day listening to rhythmically homogeneous music -- anything from classical to Celtic to Indian -- has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, researchers found.

Brain 'closes eyes' to hear music
Experts say our brains can turn down our ability to see to help them listen even harder to music and complex sounds

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How music affects your child's brain
In recent decades, an enormous amount of research has been conducted on the specific ways in which sound, rhythm, and music can improve our liv

The Moozart Effect
After Playing Mozart at Milking Time, One Farmer Has Seen a Dramatic Shift in Cows' Temperament and Production

How music brings peace
The children of Uganda, in constant fear of being forced to fight in the country's civil war, find refuge in a special music program

How music lessons hold the key to brainier children
Young children who take music lessons show more advanced brain development and improved memory than those who do not, according to a study published today.

Survival of the harmonious
Mounting evidence suggests that human beings are hard-wired to appreciate music. What researchers want to know now is why our distant ancestors evolved music in the first place.

Now in the Recovery Room, Music for Hearts to Heal By
Four-week study, one of several around the country, measures the health benefits of music in hospitals

Music for Pain
A new systematic study of music for pain finds that while music won't replace painkillers, it can boost their effectiveness

Monks and Mozart proves an odd delight
Chicago hears Mozart's beloved Requiem Mass in D minor, K. 626, punctuated by the multiphonic chanting, gongs, drums and horns of nine Tibetan monks "on loan" to a Buddhist monastery in Atlanta

While in Surgery, Do You Prefer Abba or Verdi?
Surgeons say music in the OR relaxes them, focuses their attention and helps pass the time.

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Mozart 'aids eye check accuracy'
Listening to Mozart helps patients perform more reliably in sight tests, a study has found.

Listening to music can reduce chronic pain and depression by up to a quarter
Listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 per cent and depression by up to 25 per cent, according to a paper in the latest UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Music Soothes The Soul
Music has been proven to help memorization, to help us retain information we have learned. It has to do with order, symmetry, rhythmic patterns, repetition, ideal mathematical form, and harmony

New Study Reveals music-relaxation link
This study establishes that music, by alternating fast and slower rhythms and pauses, can be used to induce relaxation

Music filling Sharon's senses
Ariel Sharon's sons have been playing Mozart and Israeli folk tunes by their ailing father's bedside...


Molecular basis for Mozart effect revealed
New research has revealed a molecular basis for the "Mozart effect" - the observation that a brief stint of Mozart, but not other music, may improve learning and memory.

Scientists explore enhancing effects of music
Since studies of what we now call "The Mozart Effect" began in the 1950s, researchers have discovered that music can do more good than we had previously thought

Does classical music make babies smarter?
Playing classical music to babies - many experts think that it may stimulate the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development

Mozart's Legacy: Early music lessons may help children later in life
Scientific research has found some basis for the notion that music instruction stimulates general intelligence

Eat To Live: Music Makes Good Wine
Winemaker Cignozzi plays classical music to his vines and is convinced they yield better wines under the influence of music.

Music in Schools Today Program
Beyond promoting success in school, music can help kids in all of life. Music has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and pain levels.

BBC News Report
Music, particularly Mozart, could have a therapeutic effect on epilepsy, say scientists.

House Passes Music Education Resolution
The United States House of Representatives passed H.CON.RES.380 titled: a€œRecognizing the benefits and importance of school-based music education.a€

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